You have a lot of choices for technologies to improve your property, and this “Top 21” list may help guide your decision on where to engage.

The schematic drawing below includes some of the sample sustainable technologies that our members and strategic relationship partners provide to customers in the US and around the world.

The breakdown below corresponds to each of the numbers:

Roof: 1.Solar Photovoltaic (PV) 2.Solar Thermal (Water heating) 3.Wind (Vertical Axis Turbines) 4.Epoxy Cool Roof Systems (ECRS) 5.Insulation – Roof/Ceilings

Ceilings: 6.LED Lighting – Options: Sensors (Occupancy, Light Harvesting, etc.) Battery Backups; LiFi (Occupancy monitoring and internet access); “Driverless” Fixtures for Direct Current Microgrids

Exterior Walls: 7.Insulation – Walls 8.Windows 9.Blinds (Retractable “smart” tech)

Interior Walls: 10.LED Lighting (e.g. sconces, pendants, desk lamps, etc.) 11.Plug load (Controls “smart” tech)

Mechanical Rooms: 12.Geothermal (integration with exterior/wells) 13.HVAC – (optimization with and without new equipment) 14.Water Management (filtration and waste water)

Exterior Site: 15.LED Lighting for (a) property, (b) landscape, (c) parking and street lights (advanced sensors for security) 16.Water conservation (for landscaping) 17.Solar (Ground mount) 18.Wind (Pole mount)

Integration Technology: 19.Building Energy Management Systems 20.Internet of Things 21.Direct Current (DC) Microgrid