The Sustainable Tech Alliance (STA) is a growing group of companies that provide proven “clean” technology products and services to save energy and create a new generation of energy efficient and healthy buildings. The solutions are relevant for both new and existing facilities, and in many cases the implementations include zero upfront cost options.

Sustainable Tech Alliance

Sustainable Tech Alliance Leadership Council Members:

HVAC software to optimize kilowatt consumption:

Germicidal Disinfection for Covid-19 and future viruses:

Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and fixtures for energy savings:

Recent testimonial from Press Release on October 26, 2020: Full PR

Purge virus

Our Sustainable Tech Alliance is pleased to welcome four new members in November 2020:

Data Analytics with Measurement and Verification:
LED Strip Kits and Fixtures:
McHale Energy
Energy Procurement and Efficiency Services:
Controlled Environment Agriculture (indoor farming):
sustainable tech alliance


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