The Sustainable Tech Alliance (STA) was formed to meet the needs of private sector business owners and government facility operators to reduce operating costs through energy intelligence and clean indoor air. In many cases, our alliance companies have worked collaboratively on projects or have referred business to each other when customers as for products or services beyond the immediate deliverables of any one member.


Provide customized and comprehensive solutions that help property owners and managers operate with lower expenses, in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Sustainable tech alliance

STA members understand that measurement is often the key to management, and we support each other with best practices for measurement and verification (M&V) to set benchmarks and performance metrics.

Practice what you preach: Beyond the buildings that we optimize, we “walk the talk” when it comes to sustainable living. This Tesla is a recent 2020 purchase for our Executive Director who is adding the graphics to promote the Sustainable Tech Alliance. For 2021, and beyond Covid-19, we expect to dramatically expand the fleet to enable more in-person meetings and site visits with forward thinking facility managers.

sustainable tech alliance tesla side

If you seek to cost-effectively reduce operating expenses and provide safe indoor environments for your property occupants, Contact Us. Given our alliance members across the US, we can visit your property and at very least schedule a call or video conference during this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.

sustainable tech alliance tesla rear